My thoughts as I sit in the airport waiting for my flight. Details of my current travel experiences coming soon…

Why do we travel? Who is we, you ask? We is me. How is me we, actually it’s quite simple… Profoundly, I am comprised of energy from my parents to make the trinity of personality, which is responsible for the essential me. However, I am always expanding   in my motion and motionless journeys, by engaging and learning from many who are connected to me through kismet reality of interaction both past and present. When I undergo motion travel, I meet different people and see different cultures that has a common link or thread that binds us all together. This experience makes me look inside and out at the source of my being, my motivation for life, while developing my appreciation for kindness and what simultaneously diverges and assimilate us.

I would even dare to say that many of you who find travel not only exciting, but almost necessary. It is that necessity that I speak of, that you sometimes can’t explain. It is an internal pulling that draws you to these physical acts of adventure and exploring. It is your spirit answering the universe’s call to physically connect with those whom you know, but never met. It is through this traveling, we are able to make things around the world better. It is these same people who make an effort by respecting their universal ‘call of duty’ to reach out into the world and give it what it needs without invasion or interruption. It is those who have a keen sense of nature and all of its manifestations – air, marine, plant, animal and humanity.


Clearly, this does not apply to everyone who travels. I am referencing to those who truly know what travel is designated for and why we do it. So, think to yourself the next time you plan a trip, who am I and why do I travel, what is the REAL meaning of my actions? Conceivably, you may make more positive conscious efforts and decisions as you encounter your life partners across town-state-country-continent. Respect and acknowledge them with gratitude. The world will be a better place because of it.

Be well and may you have SAFE and HAPPY TRAVELS!


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