What does politics have to do with travel you ask, well, quite a bit actually. When you travel beyond city limits, state lines, country boarders you must contend with the local politics or how some would say, ‘law of the land’. Why should you care about how the next town or country get along with each other, its government, its local political party? It is essential to have some understanding at the very least of what to do should you find yourself in a precarious situation. Have you ever seen the show “Locked Up Abroad”? This is a National Geographic channel TV show that shows real accounts of foreigners going to other countries and defying the local laws, and frankly making stupid decisions and paying for them. Never think because you’re not a local, that the law enforcers will take it easy on you, especially if you blindly ignore the rules.

To be clear, this post is not to discourage you from traveling or putting fear in your mind and heart, it is to do quite the opposite. I am simply informing you to be a prepared and smart traveler, no matter your destination. I personally travel alone a great deal, so it is my normal practice to be aware of where I am visiting to include the environment, people, culture, food, transportation, accommodation, laws, etc. Your research doesn’t have to turn into a full-time job, just check the official visitor bureau and at least one other objective source like your local government travel department. I would also suggest talking to someone who has been there rather it is a friend or a stranger from a site like tripadvisor.com or a blog site.  Above it all, don’t let fear, ignorance, money or time deprive you of adventure!

Travel safe and smart my friends!



Resources to help you on your adventure:







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